Is Things Remembered Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth!

Is Things Remembered Still in Business
Is Things Remembered Still in Business? Explore the Current State

Things Remembered, a beloved store known for personalized gifts, is a name many recall with fondness. Often a go-to destination for unique and engraved presents, it has been a part of many special moments.

The Current State of Things Remembered

In recent years, the retail industry has seen massive changes. Many stores faced challenges. But some good news is that Things Remembered is still in business.

A Journey Through Time

Things Remembered started over 40 years ago. It began as a small engraving shop. Now, it has grown into a large chain with many stores.

Things Remembered’s Modern Strategy

In 2019, the company made a big decision. It filed for a kind of bankruptcy, called Chapter 11. This helped the store fix some problems.

They decided to close some stores. But, they made a plan to keep online sales strong. This was a smart move, as it matches how we shop today.

What Can You Shop for at Things Remembered?

Things Remembered is the place to go for gifts that show you care. You can find many items, like jewelry, frames, and pens. And, they add a personal touch by engraving names or messages on them.

Popular Categories at Things Remembered
Product Type Description
Jewelry Bracelets and necklaces that catch the eye.
Drinkware Mugs and glasses for any drink.
Home Items to decorate your house.
Office Things like pens and journals for work.

Shopping at Things Remembered Today

Visiting Things Remembered online is easy and fun. You can pick the perfect gift from your home. Add your unique message. And, they will send it to you or your loved one.

The Importance of Personalized Gifts

Gifts that have a personal touch mean so much more. They show that you spent time thinking about the person. And, the gift will often be kept for years.

The In-Store Experience

Many of the stores may be closed. But, there are still some open. You can step inside and see all the pretty gifts. The helpful workers will help you choose and personalize your present.

Is Things Remembered Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth!


Future Plans for Things Remembered

The company is working hard to stay strong. They hone in on what they do best. That’s creating gifts that come from the heart. Their focus is to marry the digital and physical shopping experience.

Customer Loyalty and Commitment

Being in business for so long means they’ve earned many fans. People come back because they trust the brand.

How to Support Things Remembered

If you want to buy a gift that is one-of-a-kind, think about shopping at Things Remembered. You can shop online anytime. And, you’ll be helping them stay alive.

Is Things Remembered Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Is Things Remembered Still In Business? Unveiling The Truth!

Is Things Remembered Operating Nowadays?

Things Remembered continues its operations, offering personalized gifts and engraving services both online and in select retail locations.

How Many Stores Does Things Remembered Have?

As of now, Things Remembered has streamlined its retail presence but still maintains a number of stores across the United States.

Can I Shop Online At Things Remembered?

Yes, Things Remembered provides a comprehensive online shopping experience with a wide range of customizable products.

What Services Does Things Remembered Offer?

The company specializes in personalization services like engraving, embroidery, and custom printing on a variety of products.


In closing, Things Remembered has faced changes. But they are still here for you. They offer gifts that tell a story. So, if you want a gift that lasts, visit Things Remembered.

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