Is Lane Furniture Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth

Is Lane Furniture Still in Business
Is Lane Furniture Still in Business? | A Comprehensive Overview

Hello, dear readers! Today, let’s talk about a famous furniture brand.

We will see if Lane Furniture is still making cozy sofas and chairs.

Are you ready to learn fun stuff about this old furniture maker? Let’s start!

A Peek Into History

Lane Furniture started a long time ago, in 1912.

It was in Virginia where they made their first box. Yes, a box!

After that box, they started making furniture. People loved it.

Is Lane Furniture Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth


The Big Question: Still Around?

So, is Lane Furniture still making furniture today? The answer is yes!

However, things have changed a bit. Keep reading to find out how.

Changes Over Time

Lane Furniture’s Journey
Year Event
1912 Company founded in Virginia
1980s-1990s Height of popularity
2017 Parent company files for bankruptcy
2018 Acquired by United Furniture Industries

The table tells us about important events for Lane Furniture.

Even though there were tough times, Lane Furniture is still making items for homes.

What Does Lane Furniture Make?

People buy their furniture to make their homes look nice.

The Quality of Today

People worry about the quality of Lane Furniture. Should they?

Lane works hard to keep making good furniture for everyone.

What People Think of Lane Furniture

Some people say their Lane sofa is the best seat in the house.

Others talk about the beauty of their Lane dining table.

Where Can You Find Lane Furniture?

You can find Lane Furniture in big stores and small shops.

It’s also sold online, so you can shop from home!

Is Lane Furniture Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth


Is Lane Furniture Right for You?

Think about the style you like for your home.

If you like what Lane makes, it might be perfect for you!

Frequently Asked Questions For Is Lane Furniture Still In Business? Unveiling The Truth

Is Lane Furniture Operational In 2023?

Lane Furniture continues to operate, offering a wide variety of furniture to customers as a recognized brand in the industry.

What Products Does Lane Furniture Offer?

Lane Furniture specializes in crafting quality sofas, recliners, and other home furnishings renowned for comfort and durability.

Where Can I Purchase Lane Furniture?

You can purchase Lane Furniture at various retail stores, online platforms, or directly from their website.

How Long Has Lane Furniture Been In Business?

Since its inception in 1912, Lane Furniture has been providing quality home furnishings for over a century.


Lane Furniture is still up and running.

They keep making furniture that makes homes cozy.

If you want new furniture, check out Lane Furniture!

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