Is Drexel Heritage Furniture Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth!

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Drexel Heritage is a name many know well. For years, this brand has stood for quality and class in furniture. Many families have Drexel pieces that they love and feel proud of.

But in recent times, people wonder, “Is this company still making furniture?” Let’s dive in and find out about the current state of this historic furniture maker.

A Bit of History

Drexel Heritage was founded in 1903. It started in a small town called Drexel, in North Carolina. Over the years, they made many beautiful pieces of furniture. Drexel became a mark of craftmanship and luxury.

The Changes and Challenges

The furniture business can be tough. As time went on, Drexel faced some challenges. By the late 2010s, news came that Drexel Heritage, now simply called Drexel, would not continue.

What Happened to Drexel?

In 2014, Drexel Heritage was bought by a company named Heritage Home Group. But only a few years later, Heritage faced hard times. They had to make big changes. By 2018, they decided to sell many brands, including Drexel.

Drexel Heritage Today

Today, Drexel is no longer making furniture. Yes, you heard that right. Their factories have closed, and they do not sell new pieces now. But let’s not be too sad. Drexel left a big mark on the furniture world. And we can still find their pieces.

Drexel furniture can still be found in many homes. People also sell and buy these items secondhand. Websites like eBay and Etsy have these treasures if you look.

Where to Find Drexel Furniture Today
Place Type of Furniture Owned By
Ebay Vintage & Secondhand Various Sellers
Etsy Handmade & Vintage Craftspeople & Collectors
Antique Stores Classic Pieces Antique Dealers

Recognizing Quality

Even though Drexel is not around, their approach to making furniture was special. They used solid wood, and fine fabrics. They had great designs. Knowing this helps us value their pieces even more.

  • Look for the Drexel marking or stamp.
  • Check for solid construction and wood quality.
  • Feel the fabrics and finishes.
Is Drexel Heritage Furniture Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth!


Caring for Drexel Furniture

If you have Drexel furniture, take good care of it. This will keep its value high and its beauty alive.

  1. Clean it gently with the right products.
  2. Keep it away from too much sun and water.
  3. Polish wood surfaces to maintain shine.
Is Drexel Heritage Furniture Still in Business? Unveiling the Truth!


Frequently Asked Questions Of Is Drexel Heritage Furniture Still In Business? Unveiling The Truth!

Is Drexel Heritage Still Operating?

Drexel Heritage ceased operations in 2017, transitioning to Drexel Furniture under new ownership and a refreshed brand direction.

What Happened To Drexel Heritage?

Drexel Heritage was rebranded as Drexel Furniture, streamlining its product lines and modernizing its approach to furniture design and distribution.

Can I Purchase Drexel Furniture Online?

Yes, Drexel Furniture offers online purchasing options through various furniture retailers and its website, providing accessibility to its collections.

Where Is Drexel Furniture Made?

Drexel Furniture continues to craft its pieces in the United States, maintaining a legacy of quality and craftsmanship in its domestic production facilities.


Drexel Heritage may not be making new furniture. But its spirit is still strong in the homes of many. Their well-made items continue to add charm and comfort to our spaces. So, the answer to our question is sad but true. Drexel Heritage is no longer in business. But the beauty they created will stay with us for a very long time.

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