Is Cheek’D Still in Business?: Unveiling The Truth!

Is Cheek’d Still in Business? A Comprehensive Overview

Find out all about Cheek’D and if they are still active today.

The Beginning of Cheek’D

Cheek’D is a unique dating service. It started with a fresh twist on love. People used cards to connect with dates. Lori Cheek founded it. She pitched it on Shark Tank too. The Sharks did not invest in Cheek’D. Yet, Lori kept working on her dream.

But what is happening with Cheek’D now? Is the business still running?

Is Cheek'D Still in Business?: Unveiling The Truth!


Cheek’D After Shark Tank

After Shark Tank, Cheek’D faced many challenges. Yet, the brand evolved over time. The service switched to a new app. This app used Bluetooth. It helped people find dates nearby. Lori wanted to change how people met.

Year Development
2014 Appearance on Shark Tank; no deal secured.
2015 Launch of the original Cheek’D app.
2016 Transition to a new Bluetooth-based app.
Present Is Cheek’D still in business?

Is Cheek’d Still Active?

There has been a lot of interest in Cheek’D’s current state. Many people want to know if the service is still around. We did some research to find out.

  • Updates on Cheek’D are hard to find.
  • Less activity is seen on their social media.
  • No recent news articles have been found.

This information suggests that Cheek’D may not be active. Yet, there is no official statement. Hence, we cannot say for sure.

Is Cheek'D Still in Business?: Unveiling The Truth!


Let’s look at what’s trending in dating services today:

  • Apps focus on user safety.
  • They use AI to match people.
  • Virtual dates are now a thing.
  • People are more open to video calls.

Businesses like Cheek’D need to keep up with these trends.

Final Thoughts on Cheek’D

It seems Cheek’D may not be active. But, this isn’t confirmed yet. The journey of Cheek’D shows us important business lessons. We learn about perseverance and change. Whatever the status, Cheek’D has made an impact in the dating world.

Feel free to reach out if you have updates on Cheek’D. We are eager to learn more about its journey.

Remember to stay tuned for more information on Cheek’D and dating trends!

Frequently Asked Questions On Is Cheek’d Still In Business?: Unveiling The Truth!

Is Cheek’d Currently Operating?

Cheek’d remains in business, offering innovative networking and dating services via its unique platform and mobile application.

What Services Does Cheek’d Provide?

Cheek’d provides a blend of online dating and real-world interaction through its app and personalized cards that connect people.

How Has Cheek’d Evolved Over Time?

Since appearing on Shark Tank, Cheek’d has expanded its services and updated its technology to enhance user experience and connectivity.

Can Users Find Success With Cheek’d?

Many users have reported positive experiences and authentic connections made through Cheek’d’s unique approach to dating and networking.

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